Allie Hankins


Allie will perform a 20 minute excerpt of her new solo, Invisible Touch (working title), at On the Boards in Seattle as part of their NW New Works Festival. (photo by Walker Esner)

Invisible Touch is a multi-tentacled examination (through direction, subversion, acquiescence, free play) of the traditional roles of performer and audience. Invisible Touch proposes that as performers we are always sweetly singing our barely masked antagonism toward the audience, those we bestow with some temporary power. It is a manipulative relationship after all. There is a deep and legit ambivalence. Toying with the perceived power and importance of systems we use to define ourselves, such as numerology, psychotherapy, and dream interpretation, Allie offers her audience myriad tools to decode and disentangle her role or authenticity as a performer, guide, truth teller, or ally. 

The development of Invisible Touch was funded by The Regional Arts & Culture Council